*single rose*

wishing - one day, someone will giving this to me. single of red rose. not a bouquet! only ONE of rose ececece *meaningful!*

this single rose is so symbolic.
why must one?? not many of roses??
that's mean,
our heart only one.
ond so on too our LOVE.
the only one for Allah, our prophet Rasulullah SAW, parents, family, friends and person who i loves soo much.
that one love is only for them!
O' Allah pls take a good care all person that i loves them infinity! sungguh, aku sayang 'mereka2' ini. ameeeen. 

Psttttt : just a quick hupdate. now, still struggle-ing with imtihan. only 1 Paper more. do pray for me. then together say ahlan wa sahlan to long long longggg holidayyy! big smile! 

Nota Hati : Banyak plan cuti hujung tahun nim. Moga Allah permudah semua urusan.


ciksengeh :D said…
very meaningful. all the best for your imtihan.!
Cik Zuera said…
cuti pnjg?? kemanakah plan anda utk bercuti??hihihhi..

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